Guitar lesson gift

Gift voucher 1 trial lesson or 4 lessons

Surprise someone with a birthday present or an encouragement gift.

For example 1 trial lesson or 4 (trial) lessons.

1 trial lesson will costs you € 30.00

4 (Trial) lessons will costs you € 100.00 (Its a 20% discount on the lessons)

How it works: Enter your details at the bottom of the contact form and send it to me. If I have all the details, I will send a WhatsApp  with the payment details.

As soon as the payment is received, I will send the gift voucher with envelop to the adres what was given.

This gift voucher must be purchased within 3 months from the payment.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call +31 (0) 620181640 or send an Email to

Kind Regards Hans Benz




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